Gear up for the monsoon

Jun 13, 2013, 05:32 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide offers a peek into the latest monsoon accessories

It’s that time of the year when you must hit the stores and stock up on rain gear.

Rain check
Vibrant hues are in trend this year. So opt for bags, raincoats or umbrellas in bright colours. Light-weight accessories are also in demand and are available at reasonable prices as well. Figure out your need and then opt for the accessory. For example, if you are a bike-rider, a full-fledged raincoat will serve the need rather than a sportswear jacket. Do not spend too much on the accessories; the monsoon will only last for a short period of time and you don’t want to use the same accessories again the next year. Here’s a glance at the bags, raincoats and umbrellas for the monsoon:

Umbrellas for sale

Bag it!
The schools are set to re-open in a few days and the market is flooded with a variety of eye-catching bags. There’s something for everyone. For the cartoon lover, there are bags and water bottles with images of Pokemon, Ben10 and Chota Bheem. Considering the heavy schedule that kids have nowadays, there are special bags with wheels. For trendy ladies, there are transparent sling rain bags that are available in attractive colours. The bags are water resistant and are a good alternatives to carry your gadgets and documents. Just make sure to check them for the possibility of exposure to moisture. They are priced in the range of Rs 350 to Rs 2,500. 

School bags

Bring out the raincoats
Gone are the days when black and khaki-coloured ankle-length raincoats were used as protection from the rains. No doubt, they were efficient but it’s time to get trendy. When we say bright colours are in, it’s not just for the ladies. Men can also make a fashion statement by opting for a bright saffron/ yellow or green coloured jacket. It can complement a casual outfit as well. A tailored trench coat is a perfect last layer to put on over anything from a blazer to a down vest to a denim T-shirt or even a jacket. They are priced from Rs 1,000 onwards.

Under my umbrella
If you are looking for umbrellas to carry to the office, opt for a plain bright-coloured umbrella. Yellow, purple and red are the colours trending this season. Slick and see-through umbrellas are handy for going to college. Printed umbrellas with stars, polka dots and even cartoon characters on them are available at affordable prices and in various colours including the all-time classic black and white. They are priced from Rs 90 to Rs 300.  Personalised umbrellas are also available in the market, but they cost a bit more.

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