Gender wars

Sep 06, 2013, 04:02 IST | The Guide Team

Ashvin Gidwani Productions is showcasing a new play, titled Battle Of Da Sexes, featuring stand-up star and actor Vir Das and Kavi Shastri

After working with stand up comic Vir Das on previous production, History Of India, Ashvin Gidwani Productions is back with Battle Of Da Sexes. After dabbling in history earlier, their next is an intellectual comedy based on scientific facts, which will give you a different perspective on men and women. Gidwani wrote the script after a lot of research and experimentation.

The poster of the play 

Battle Of Da Sexes focusses on the scientific chronology of the age-long struggle between men and women. The play delves on how men and women have been around for centuries and now they are engaging in a full-fledged battle without armies and gunpowder. The winner can only be either a man or a woman.
Vir Das and Kavi Shastri will come armed with science and comedy which will have you in splits.

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