Geoffrey Boycott keen to host Sunil Gavaskar in 38-room mansion!

Jul 24, 2014, 07:22 IST | Debasish Datta

England great, who has bought a 38-room mansion in Leeds, wants to host the former India captain when the touring party goes there for the fifth ODI on September 5

London: England great Geoffrey Boycott, who has bought a 38-room mansion in Leeds (West Yorkshire), wants to host former India captain Sunil Gavaskar when the touring party goes there for the fifth ODI on September 5.

Geoffrey Boycott and Sunil Gavaskar
Geoffrey Boycott and Sunil Gavaskar 

The legendary opener owned a huge farmhouse that boasted of a golf course, fountain and a tennis court before he sold it and bought this mansion.

"I will be happy to host Sunil for as many days he wants to stay," Boycott told mid-day yesterday. "We played together and now we are doing commentary together.

My dear friend has got a very good cricketing brain. He gave me tickets to watch IPL matches in Dubai earlier this year, so it's my turn to look after him when he visits Yorkshire."

But, why 38 rooms!
Meanwhile, Gavaskar said: "I am happy to know Geoffrey is inviting me. But, I would like to know what he does with 38 rooms, because you can't use more than one room at night!"

In response Boycott said: "I will take him to all the rooms to show why I need them."

Go figure
Gavaskar joked that even if Boycott allotted a bedroom each to his daughter, her husband, his wife and a couple of rooms to staff members of the household, there were still 32 rooms that would lie empty.

Years ago, the duo hosted The Sunny and Boycs Show, so it would be interesting to follow them in the Boycott mansion.

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