George Michael awoke from coma with different accent

Jul 20, 2012, 06:50 IST | Agencies

George Michael has revealed that he woke from his three-week coma with a different accent.

The London-born singer said he woke up to discover he had a broad West Country accent spoken in western England. Michael, who almost died of pneumonia at the end of last year, said he was unable to revert to his usual accent for two days after gaining consciousness and his family feared he would be stuck with the new one forever.

New voice: George Michael, the Wham singer, woke up from his coma and spoke in a West Country accent for two days much to the amusement of his sisters. Pic/Getty Images

“I swear this is true, said the 49-year-old. “I came out of my coma talking in this West Country accent.” Michael said that as he opened his eyes, doctors asked him if he knew who he was — to which he replied, “King of the world?” in the distinctive West Country burr.

“The doctors were worried that I had this condition where some people wake up speaking French or some language they learned at school,” he said.

Foreign Accent Syndrome is a rare medical condition in which people emerge from a neurological injury speaking in an entirely different accent. In some cases, they speak fluently in a language they barely know.

“There’s nothing wrong with a West Country accent,” said the star, “but it’s a bit weird when you’re from north London. “My sisters, who were obviously so relieved that I’d actually woken up, were just laughing away at this stand up comedy.”

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