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Aug 16, 2013, 00:30 IST | Kanika Sharma

Versova's new takeaway, Le Bhaag comes as great news for diehard foodies in search of authentic flavours, and cooking that makes Delhi a permanent icon on the world culinary map

No matter how big a gastronomical genius you are, there are always places that seem to hit a note beyond the technical breakdown. Delhiites will more than agree that the food of Delhi is beyond Punjabi or Mughlai cuisine, every bite is addictive and typical to the place.

Chicken Galauti Kebab is melt-in-the-mouth good and worth every bite
Chicken Galauti Kebab is melt-in-the-mouth good and worth every bite

 Le Bhaag, a new hole in the wall takeaway in Versova, does precisely this. For the sceptics, the place boasts of its Butter Chicken in the city where disasters are plentiful. As we discovered the place, we were delighted to hear that Le Bhaag hails from Delhi’s Nizamuddin area, a culinary cache.

Ringing them up last night, we ordered a Chicken Seekh Kebab (Rs 160) and Chicken Galauti Kebab (Rss 160), both comprised four pieces each. The next that was noted on the other side was a Mutton Qorma (Rs 180), Butter Chicken (Rs 140) and Shahi Paneer (Rs 140). As we salivated for naans, we were told that the place still lacks a tandoor but has four tandoori items in breads listed on the menu.

Butter Chicken, the pride of a Delhiite, is well-justified and executed. Pics Courtesy /Ttarun Sharma

Our choice then hinged on Lachchaa Parantha (Rs 20) and Rumaali Roti (Rs 10) . The food arrived in an hour, which tested our patience, as we were hardly five minutes away from the place. After its arrival, the array of aromas from the hot food raked our appetite. Our first tucking was the Seekh Kebab, which, by far, was one of the best we have had in terms of taste. Galauti told a similar tale that was softer in texture and an equal hit. For those who crave for authentic Butter Chicken, this is one place you will always go to.

Delighted by the creamy, tangy gravy of a Butter Chicken that stirred childhood memories, we scooped in a dollop of Shahi Paneer with a bite of the Lachchaa Parantha.

Buttery and intense, the Paneer was distinct from the Butter Chicken -- a litmus test that only few Delhi takeaways are able to pass. The Parantha was a huge disc with visible layers with obvious toasting in oil. Mutton Qorma was a watery, oily and spicy concoction that is reminiscent of roadside joints. At the end of our despatch from Delhi, we recalled several weak-in-the-knees moments and that too, at such a bargain.

Le Bhaag didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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