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May 28, 2014, 11:14 IST | Soma Das

Come May 30, and Art Guild House, a unique structure where art meets commerce, will launch in Kurla. The six-storeyed building will incorporate art in its basic design; while five floors will be used for commercial purposes, one floor will be devoted to art 

While art is inspired from life, making art a part of daily life remains a challenge. Especially in Mumbai, where the nucleus of most galleries is in one part of the city and where a select few visit art spaces. Soon, the city will get a space that straddles both art and commerce. Art Guild House, a venture by The Phoenix Mills, will be a mixed-use development that will feature a dedicated art space and art incorporated in the premises while primarily being an office space. It will initially be open for buyers and after a while, for the general public. Watch this space.

Artist Sunil Gawde’s kinetic piece which shows moons wax and wane on one side and the wheels and chains driving them on the other 

We give you five solid reasons why you should head to the Art Guild House:

1) Exciting array of artworks
Gayatri Ruia, director of The Phoenix Mills, speaks about the venture, “The Art Guild House will have structural art, dynamic art walks and art installations.” The structural art will be seen in the foyer, lobby and open spaces and will feature curated artworks. Art exhibitions or art walks showcasing various art forms will also be conducted. The permanent art installations at the art space will feature works by Contemporary Indian artists.

Art Guild House boasts of Italian marble flooring and a diverse array of art installations. Pics/ Satyajit Desai 

2) Interesting artists’ line-up on offer
Artworks have been curated by Usha Gawde and feature specially commissioned works by Thukral and Tagra, and Shilpa Gupta, among others. Thukral and Tagra (known as T&T) will display two oil-on-canvas paintings and two installations. Artist Narendra Yadav will be showing a video projection of a pendulum depicting time and how we are always trying to catch up with it. In artist Justin Ponmany’s wall installation, mosaic tiles and sequence lights feature heavily.

Artist Sunil Gawde will display two black-and-white bulbs made from fiberglass, with many flies on them that are lit externally by UV lights. His other gigantic kinetic piece is made from metal. On one side you can notice many moons wax and wane and stars blink, and on the other side, you can see the wheels and chains that make the moons move and stars blink. Shilpa Gupta’s artwork emits light and is about ways of perceiving the world around us.

A creation by Justin Ponmany featuring mosaic tiles

3) Combine shopping with art viewing
Being located next to a mall means you can shop and also view artworks. This space offers residents — from the Eastern and Western suburbs — a space to view art. Shoppers will have the added advantage of appreciating art while taking a breather. “We hope to tap MNCs and those who wish to make Kurla their new abode and might consider moving into the property,” observes Ruia.

A painting by Thukral and Tagra

4) A model to be replicated
Ruia emphasises that such a model can be replicated in the city. She states, “Office spaces and corridors fitted with art increase productivity of employees. Colours help in lifting the mood. Such models should be replicated in Mumbai where people lead stressful lives, and spend 90% of their time in offices.”

Shilpa Gupta’s illuminated artwork

5) An innovative concept
While there are other buildings that use art to enhance the space, Art Guild House incorporates it in the architecture itself and aims to re-invent the way modern era workplaces should look like.

Open from May 31 to June 8, 8 am to 8 pm (initially open only to buyers and investors)
At Art Guild House, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla (W).
Call 33818200

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