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Apr 25, 2013, 23:48 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Electro-Rock band Pentagram is all set to perform in Pune this Friday. The Guide caught up with the band for a chat on their upcoming performance and their soon-to-be-released video-song, Nocturne, from their latest album Bloodywood

Bloodywood is the fourth studio album from Pentagram and is fronted by Vishal Dadlani. This 14-track album also features Shiraz Bhattacharya on drums and Papal Mane on bass. The songs range from personal reminiscences to fun-filled numbers. Some of the songs also have a social connect such as the compositions Must I, Tomorrow’s Decided and Identify.

(Top and right) Band members of Pentagram

Talking about the latest video Nocturne, director and drummer Bhattacharya says, “We wanted a video with the band performing, and we also wanted it to have some context to the theme of the song. We hit upon the idea of the band playing within a light bulb and the video ends with the concept of us meeting the light, like moths and other nocturnal creatures finally meet the light that they’re chasing. It was a tough shoot, because we had to compose everything and it took about three months to edit.”

Dadlani says, “Each video has had its own vibe, which is dictated by the song, the space we’re headed in, and what we want to say. Nocturne is a multi-layered video in the sense that the song is about insomnia but it’s also about the noise that we carry within us, because we’re from Mumbai and the video touches upon that at many levels.

The hyper slow-motion is like the disorientation that happens to someone who lives through the city, and its turmoil, the metal butterfly is a totem of the night. The band being inside the bulb is about being caged within something, but it’s also about the light that emanates from within. The video is also open to different interpretations.”

Talking about the band’s growth so far and their latest offering Bloodywood, Dadlani says, “There is a lot of new stuff on this album. Sonically it’s like a giant step ahead. It’s heavier, more guitar-driven than the previous albums, and yet stays true to our whole Electro vibe as well. The songs on this album are just great. There is no thought process or filter.”

Guitarist Randolph Correia talks about the band: “More than the sound really, we’ve evolved as musicians and as people. We’ve grown and matured as a band. All this has made the process much easier, and everything flowed with beautiful pace and momentum. Everything was spot on with the vibe and it came across really well.”

The band will be performing the songs from the previous albums as well as from Bloodywood this Friday in the city.

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