Get high for Mumbai

May 01, 2012, 06:55 IST | Ruchika Kher

Mumbai remains an inspiration to many. From films to books, the city has served as a subject of attention and respect. Recently, MiDDay launched the Rock version of its hugely popular Mumbai anthem, My City My Life. Now, a band of seven musicians has released another single as a tribute to the city, on Maharashtra Day

Tributes for Mumbai seem to be pouring in from all corners. First, MidDay released the first ever city anthem – My City My Life in February, and followed it with the Rock version that went viral last week. Today, Mumbai-based band, Dedh Inch Upar, who will be releasing their album Thank You Mumbai later this month, have released the title track online to coincide with the Maharashtra Day. Excerpts from a chat with frontman Charu Moohan.

Band members of Dedh Inch Upar

Why did the band decide to come out with a track for Mumbai? Is the entire album a tribute to the city?
It’s a very meaningful tribute, which we created for this beautiful city of dreams. Mumbai provides livelihood to so many, who come here with hopes. Our take is that we need to protect the city. We need to bring changes for its betterment. There is so much that the city gives, so out of love and respect, this song was composed. Currently we have released it online. Later this month we will release the album officially. It’s a very energetic number, in the genre of Hindi Rock.
No the entire album is not a tribute. There are six more tracks of different genres.

How do you plan to promote it?
We want this song to reach out to maximum people. We want to convert it into a campaign of sorts and for that we are hoping to connect with Raj Thackerey and Amitabh Bachchan, for their support to popularise it.

Why is your band named Dedh Inch Upar?
Music elevates us — mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it gives us a hig. We are sure that our music will give our audience the same high. Hence
the name. 

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