Get high on whiskey-filled ice creams!

Oct 20, 2013, 08:24 IST | Kaveri Waghela

Alok Rao's Drunken Cream ice creams whips out whisky-filled, Grand Marnier-dripped treats that surely gives a tasteful kick to this frozen dessert

We all know that food is about experimenting but what happens when you mix two of your favourite things — liquor and ice cream together? You get an entirely different concoction -- a liquor ice cream.

Almond Whisky

Alok Rao, a fashion designer by the day and a self-confessed chef, came up with this unique concept of hand-churned liquor ice cream quite by accident which helped him establish his brand Drunken Cream in August this year. Rao explains, “I love the idea of cocktails. I wanted to introduce it even in desserts. The biggest drawback of churning handmade ice cream is that the ice crystallises which entirely disturbs the texture of the ice cream. Alcohol never freezes and this helps the ice cream to have the right consistency and stay soft.”

Coffee Oreo Rum
Coffee Oreo Rum

Currently they stock seven flavours such as cherry whisky, coffee Oreo rum, orange brownie Grand Marnier, chocolate beer, blueberry ginger vodka, chocolate creme de menthe and almond whisky. We tried the coffee oreo rum, almond whisky and orange brownie Grand Marnier. While the ingredients in the coffee oreo rum ice cream didn’t overpower our senses, the almond whiskey and the orange brownie Grand Marnier had a great combination of ingredients that had the right kick of alcohol in it.

Drunken Cream deliver to the Khar, Bandra, Santacruz and on special request, can even extend their services up to South Mumbai on a minimum order of three tubs of 500 gms each. “We want people to enjoy their ice cream, regardless of the occasion,” he says. Rao also has plans to collaborate with restaurants in the near future. “We have been approached by restaurants but we want to take each day as it comes. It is pretty new and will take time for us to decide the immediate action plan,” he concludes.

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