Get online for some retail therapy

Apr 11, 2012, 06:52 IST | Ruchika Kher

Having a stressful routine is part-and-parcel of city life, and not finding enough time for yourself makes it worse.

What helps in this situation? Some quiet, “me” time or better still, to indulge in retail therapy that can pep up your spirits.

But who has the time in the middle of a packed week to shop across the city, and who would want to endure the stress of browsing through countless shopping websites that do not offer too much of the eye-catching stuff? Well here’s your chance to rejoice. I came across an e-commerce site by stylist Pernia Qureshi called Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.

The website offers a variety of products by Indian designers including clothes and accessories. I particularly liked a pair of hanging earrings with four stones, which were moderately priced at Rs 3,500. So now, whether you’re in Delhi, Lucknow, New York or Sao Paolo, great Indian fashion is just a click away.

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