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Apr 14, 2014, 08:00 IST | Dhara Vora

Monkey on Hot Bricks, Thane’s newest lounge bar, leaves a bad impression with its pathetic service and passable food; tipplers might give it a dekko for its pocket-friendly prices

Riding on the fact that Monkey on Hot Bricks (MOHB) emerges from Pop Tate’s stable, we were hoping for a decent experience at this new lounge bar in Thane. Alas, this wasn’t to be.

Monkey on Hot Bricks
Food            Bad
Service        Slow
Ambiance     Loud

The Thai Pani Puri was an interesting culinary experiment

The day we dropped by, India was playing Sri Lanka in the finals of the World T20 championships; naturally, the frenzy of the TV audience at MOHB was on high volume. Settling in amid the buzz, we ordered for Spicy Tangy Chicken (Rs 195, all prices exclusive of taxes) and Thai Pani Puri (Rs 150). The chicken starter was typical Indian-Chinese fare, but tasty nonetheless.

The Thai Pani Puri was an interesting concept where puris were stuffed with chutney and spiced potato along with a spicy Tom Yum-styled soup/gravy that was served on the side in glasses. Oddly, the dip was served warm instead of cold (a must for pani puris) Our cocktails — Can U Handle This and Hurricane (Rs 295) were average; we suggest you stick to beer.

For the mains, we ordered an interesting sounding BUC Sauce Noodle Pasta with MOHB sprinkler (Rs 240, for veg), a Bhuna Veg Pizza (Rs 215) and Fish O Fillet burger (Rs 199). After a half-an-hour wait, our burger arrived with no sign of the pizza and pasta orders.

 The service was awful such that our table attendants refused to acknowledge us when we tried calling them. Frustrated, we cancelled our pasta dish and converted the pizza order to a takeaway. The burger promised chilli garlic dip on the side and tartar sauce within, which was missing, and tasted bland. The pizza was passable, but would have worked better if it were a non-vegetarian variation. Barring its affordable drinks menu, this is one monkey you can avoid bumping into.

At: Third floor, Korum Mall, Thane (W).
Call: 67939028

Monkey on Hot Bricks didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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