Get with it, take a mango spa

Mar 23, 2014, 07:09 IST | Rinky Kumar

Say goodbye to tired feet and backache and hello to rejuvenated senses with Sukho Thai’s new Mango Scrub therapy

The frenetic pace of our lives leaves us little time to pay attention to our feet, which unfortunately bear the maximum brunt. Hectic travelling coupled with sitting in front of the computer for long hours leaves us with sore feet and a nagging backache. Finally, I decide to give some tender loving care to my tootsies with the newly-introduced Mango Scrub therapy at Sukho Thai, lured by their promise that the massage provides natural benefits of the seasonal fruit, which is a rich source of vitamin A.

The Mango Scrub Therapy comprises a foot massage coupled with a head, shoulder and back massage

Scrub away the fatigue
As I enter the spa, my attendant, Emma, greets me and then urges me to change into a comfortable pair of loose-fitting khaki trousers. She makes me recline on a lounge chair, offers me a soft blanket to keep me warm and then starts massaging my feet with a scrub that is made with mango fruit extract. The scrub smoothens out, moisturises and soothes my feet. Emma informs me that massaging with a scrub opens the pores and encourages better absorption of oils while improving my blood circulation. Five minutes into the massage and I’m already half-asleep. The gentle humming of the music in the background is a distant memory. All I can feel are Emma’s gentle hands massaging the cool moist scrub on my legs and kneading away the day’s tiredness out of them.

Fifteen minutes
TLC for the legslater, she wakes me up from my reverie and brings a bowlful of lukewarm water to wash away the scrub from my feet. After towelling my legs dry, she starts the actual foot massage. So while the scrub helps remove toxins and dead skin from my feet, the foot massage targets special pressure points that help alleviate knots in different parts of the body. As Emma’s hands start working their magic on my tootsies for the next 30 minutes, I feel as if I’m floating, thanks to my feet that are now extremely light and soft yet comfortably numb. She focusses on the arch, ball, heels and the back of my feet as they are the most affected. Towards the end of the foot massage, I feel like a gymnast, albeit a stiff one, as Emma twists and turns my legs in different directions to ensure that she loosens the knots in the lower part of my body and eases any kind of tension.

Unlocking the knots
She, then, asks me to sit on a bench and put my face down on a towel that acts as a cushion on the lounge chair. Now it’s time for the back massage. For the next 15 minutes, Emma deftly uses her elbows to target the pressure points on my lower back, back and shoulders to ease away the tension. As her hands work magic, I actually feel the knots in my body coming undone.

Later, she turns my upper arms into different angles, taking them right behind my shoulder with her elbow’s support to flex them. Though the weird contortions make me giggle, I stifle it and focus on the task at hand. Emma then starts massaging my head, exerting pressure on certain points to make me relax.

After 75 minutes of complete pampering, she offers me some herbal tea and an exotic fruit plate to calm my senses. As I step out of the spa, there is a spring in my step and a smile on my face that tells me that I’m fit to conquer another day of gruelling work.

The therapy starts from Rs 2,790. To book your appointment, Call: 98210088 77 or visit

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