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Aug 05, 2013, 10:13 IST | The Guide Team

Budding designers can take part in DesignShelf, a contest organised by Chromakey -- A Design Store. The winner will get a platform to showcase their designs

Design brand Chromakey has kick-started a new initiative, titled DesignShelf, which offers budding designers a platform to showcase their work and pursue a career in the design space. The winner will get a year-long contract to produce products for the store.

DesignShelf is open to designers who have created a utility product or believe they have the knack to do so. Participants need to send in a picture of their creation and they stand a chance to become a product designer.

Chromakey is welcoming design ideas as part of their contest

Founder Natasha Bohra will choose the top three designs, which will be showcased at the store. One of the three designers will stand to win an annual contract to work with Bohra to create new products, which will become part of the existing portfolio of the brand.

“There are those whose profession is creativity but there are also those who do this for passion and as a hobby. You may have sketched a beautiful drawing with charcoal or recycled some old bottles to make a kitchen shelf. Anything is possible from anything and that is what we want to see and show the world,” says Bohra.

The brand is also in talks with design colleges across the country. The first lot of winners will be announced on August 15. The contest will be a
quarterly affair.

Explaining the need for the contest, Bohra says: “Any customer today, with the spending capacity or otherwise, wants exclusivity — something that they can call their own, for their homes. People across our country are doing fabulous work. We are being mediators by putting the two together, to give a platform to these designers and provide exclusivity to our customers. Our city, after all, has all the tools needed to aid a designer. We have good vendors who deliver quality products, printers who do all kinds of printing, and customers who are willing to pay a price for a genuine product.”


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