Get your EDM dose with DJ Steve

Oct 05, 2012, 01:29 IST | Dhara Vora

This Sunday, Electronic Dance Music lovers in the city will groove as 35-year-old American DJ Steve will rock at the city's newest music venue, Kitty Su's Pleasure Dome

Judging by the number of EDM international DJs heading to Mumbai, it says a lot about the popularity of the Dance and Electronica genres in the city. And joining the ranks will be American DJ, producer and founder of Dim Mak label, Steve Aoki. He will be playing the inaugural gig at a new music property, Kitty Su’s Pleasure Dome at The Lalit, Andheri (E). The opening set will be performed by Polish DJ Tom Swoon. Excerpts from an interview:

What will you be playing at the Mumbai gig?
I like to have the audience participate in the concert. Let’s see what happens. I will do the entire Aoki set and Dim Mak remixes. I have no idea what to expect. Though I have a clear idea on what to present on behalf of Dim Mak. But in India I don’t know which songs will connect best with the audience. So, I am coming in with no expectations. It’s all about the experience.

Will we get to hear any previously unheard tracks?
Yes, I will be playing tracks from my upcoming album.

What are you currently working on?
I am working on collaborations, one with United Party, which will be coming out some time soon. A lot of singles and remixes will be coming out as well as music videos for Wonderland (his current album). New projects and albums production will only start in January. On my YouTube channel, I will be filming from the road while I travel across India.

Have you been able to listen to Indian artists? Any collaborations in the future?
It’s my first time coming and I really hope I get to meet Indian artists from different areas — arts, music, and entertainment. I want to travel and do my best to explore and meet as many people as possible. I will definitely try to find a space to collaborate: that kind of thing takes time, to meet more people. I shall explore the best I can. I do not know many Indian musicians but I am looking forward to meeting some in this trip. I don’t know anyone in particular in the Indian music industry so I will be there more for the knowledge and hopefully the people around can help introduce me to the talent

Apart from the concert, what are your other plans while in Mumbai?
I am very excited to come to India since it’s my first time. I love Indian food, the butter chicken, especially, culture, the people. I feel it is one of the most cultured countries in the world. To me, it is a place I’ve wanted to travel to for a long time. I am shooting after the shows (check the Aoki YouTube channel for footage) and staying on couple more days. I am going to go explore India and would love to go see Taj Mahal as well as the very touristy kind of places since it’s my first time here.

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