Get your feet pampered with the latest pedicure treatments at Mumbai's many nail salons

Oct 15, 2013, 10:27 IST | Dhara Vora

We put our tired and city-weary feet to test with a new pedicure treatment that did full justice to the term 'Happy Feet'

Of late, we had OD-ed on heritage walks and photowalks across the city, which had left our minds enlightened but our feet miserably darkened and dry. So, when we heard that popular nail lacquer brand OPI is now offering manicure and pedicure treatments, we gladly slipped into playing guinea pig for a test drive.

We headed to the Nail Bar outlet in Khar; one look at the wall lined with more than a hundred gorgeous colour options and comfy throne-like chairs to settle in, and we knew we were in good hands.

Our hands and legs get pampered at Nail Bar. Pic/Bipin Kokate

Though we were a tad embarrassed to allow an unknown soul work on our visibly neglected feet, slowly, we settled into our throne with a warm soak and allowed the pedicurist to go with the flow — with a session of vigorous filing and buffing. The first step in the treatment involves energetic scrubbing done with OPI Tropical Citrus Scrub that contains natural sugar crystals and has a juicy scent. The crystals can feel a bit harsh on the skin but is great if you have extremely dry skin. A scrubber removed further dead skin from our soles. Once our skin was left tingling with the scrubbing it was then calmed down with a massage with an extremely non-greasy cream with a mild scent. Post the massage, our feet were covered with the Cucumber Mask, which made us feel cool and hydrated in a flash. While the mask was left to dry, our finger nails got a cuticle oil application, which acts as a pre-nail paint application — this, we highly recommend as days after removing the nail polish our nails continued to look glossy.

Post washing off the mask, our feet visibly looked a shade lighter thanks to all the scrubbing and the cooling mask. We feel that with regular treatments we could bid our tanned feet goodbye. With our hands and feet all shiny and clean, came the favourite part; choosing the nail-paint shade. We opted for neon pink and felt like a star ready to hit the red carpet.

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