Getting rid of baggage saves spurned lover's life

May 02, 2012, 06:31 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Youth survives after leaping off Vakola flyover and falling on a car, says he will end his life in jail now

You have heard it sung that love will keep you alive. But yesterday proved that falling in love, right down a bridge, may do too. In the wee hours of Tuesday, 21-year-old Ghanshyam Kanhaiyalal Nagar decided to end his life by flinging himself off the Vakola flyover in Santacruz. Just three days ago, he had come all the way to Mumbai from Bhavra in Rajgad, Madhya Pradesh to get down on his knees before his college flame. He had popped the question, got the answer he didn’t want to hear, and was going to take the plunge, the literal one.

So there he was, atop the flyover’s pinnacle, teetering on the edge. But other than betrayal, he also had his baggage with him. Since things hadn’t panned out as he had dreamed, he was roaming the dim streets with his bag full of clothes, unsure of where to go, until he settled on the flyover.  He hurled his bag off the bridge, and solemnly dove into the air after it. Seconds later, the bag landed on the bonnet of a car moving below. The stunned driver braked abruptly, and rushed out to see what this flying object was. Before he could get a handle on things, Nagar came whooshing down, and landed on the rooftop of his vehicle with a decisive thud.

Falling in love: The spot on the WE Highway where Ghanshyam Nagar landed on a car after jumping from the flyover. Pic/Vijay Bate

Nagar is intact, except for a bruise or two on his chin. The vehicle sustained heavy damages. “It was the most incredible incident I have ever seen in real life. Everything happened in the span of a few, very crucial seconds. Had there been a delay of a split second in any of the acts, both the driver and the youth would have been mortally injured,” said an eyewitness.

Precision fall  1. A despondent Ghanshyam throws his bag over the Vakola flyover, seconds before leaping off himself. 

2. The bag lands on the bonnet of the car, leaving the driver stunned 

3. As the driver halts and rushes out to see what has happened, Ghanshyam lands on the roof of the car. Illustration/Amit Bandre

Nagar, who works with a private firm, had met the girl in Indore, where they studied together. After college got over, the girl relocated to Mumbai, and Nagar went back to his hometown. Three days ago, he came to the city with a proposal of marriage. But the girl had changed her mind and ended the relationship.

Lovelorn and alive
Senior Police Inspector Rajendra Pardesi of the Vakola police station said, “On Tuesday, around 2.30 am, Nagar climbed up the Vakola bridge on the Western Express Highway. When he came to the apex, he waited for a few minutes, and tossed his bag down. It fell on a moving car. The driver got out. At the same time, Nagar, who had also jumped off, landed on the car. The car’s driver escaped a major mishap. The car has been seriously damaged.”

On being produced in court, Nagar said, “I loved her so much. I had so much faith in her. But she betrayed me, like it meant nothing. I may have been saved, but when I go to jail now, I will end my life there. I have no reason to live. I am finished.” He was later arrested by the Vakola police in an attempt to suicide case. His family members in MP have been informed by the police.  

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