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Jun 14, 2016, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

If there's been any doubt that Twinkle (Tina) Khanna has unusual smarts, and is no dumb blonde her weekly columns are proof enough

If there's been any doubt that Twinkle (Tina) Khanna has unusual smarts, and is no dumb blonde her weekly columns are proof enough.

But recently when the former actress and wife of Akshay Kumar returned from a two week break from civilization, and chose to celebrate this by changing her hair colour from auburn to hues of red, it was a statement of another kind.

Twinkle Khanna
Twinkle Khanna

Because with her new locks dyed a deeper shade of scarlet, the consummate commentator and Mrs Funny Bones appears to have truly embraced her columnist avatar. After all now she's black and white and 're(a)d' all over!

A cub for the brand
Aditya Thackeray as a brand ambassador? Why not, if the young cub sports your brand and in many ways has become defined by it. Ever since Thackeray stepped into the public domain sporting his trendy red eyewear, his image as a youth leader has been the subject of much conversation.

Aditya Thackeray and Rhea Bhandare
Aditya Thackeray and Rhea Bhandare

Now, the woman behind his famous frames, is stepping out too: daughter of a family steeped in the eyewear business for decades, Rhea Bhandare, a close friend of Aditya's, is all set to launch her own exclusive range of trendy and affordable eyewear.

“From the Bajajs to the Piramals, to several celebrities, she has not one but many loyal customers who swear by her products,” says her spokesperson adding, “One such customer, whose glasses and eyewear are the talk of the town, is Aditya Thackeray. Rhea and Aditya's friendship dates back to a couple of years and he has been seen sporting these casual yet chic frames since over 6 months and even took to Instagram to support his close friend's venture.”

“I was obviously very happy when Rhea told me about the launch of her new brand” says Aditya. “Ever since I have begun wearing her frames, I have been promoting the brand to everyone. Rhea's glasses are so light, I literally feel at ease and wonder if I'm wearing them at all,” says Aditya.

And this sticking to a young approach, has brought him much appreciation it appears. The youth leader who turned 26 yesterday received acclaim for his tweet calling for the abolishing of sycophantic hoardings wishing politicians on their big days. “A humble request to all well wishers, please don't put up hoardings on my birthday. You can tweet to me your love, wishes and blessings.”

Father of the groom
It was a very different Salman Rushdie this week who stepped out in immaculate dinner jacket and spurs, as father of the groom, when his son Zafar married Natalie Coyle in a glittering ceremony in New York.

Salman Rushdie with Zafar and Natalie and (far right) younger son Milan
Salman Rushdie with Zafar and Natalie and (far right) younger son Milan

Posting adoring pictures of the newly weds, hosting one spectacular gala after another, and enjoying this new familial role to the full, the internationally celebrated author appeared to be in his element.

Zafar had been a young adult when his father had to go into hiding following Khomeini's deplorable fatwa all those years ago and in many ways had suffered the brunt of his father's absence the most.

To see Rushdie revelling in his role as Daddy Cool, going through the emotions of a regular dad, regardless of his iconic status was a welcome change for his legion of friends and fans across the globe.

Two wise women
They are married to brothers and both are considered strong, substantial women in their own right, so it was with particular delight that friends of both Shalini and Dr Swati Piramal, received an invitation to what would be the former's last official engagement as President of the Ladies Wing of the Indian Merchant's Chamber.

Dr Swati Piramal and (right) Shalini Piramal
Dr Swati Piramal and (right) Shalini Piramal

On the agenda and in the presence of Governor of Maharashtra Vidyasagar Rao and Guest of Honour Amruta Fadnavis, was the presentation of the Wise (Women's Integration and Skills Entrepreneurship) awards, where along with Rajshree Birla, Arundhati Bhattacharya and Trivedi Acharya, the Woman of the Year award was presented to Swati Piramal.

As they say, it takes one wise woman to recognise another.

Selfie gratification
Thanks to the age of selfies and cell phones, Kolkata-based artist Jogen Chowdhury was overheard remarking that he'd never experienced so many beautiful women crowd around him, and ask to be photographed in his company as this weekend when he was the center of attraction at a sparkling event to showcase his works, hosted at a mid-city five star hotel.

Jogen Chowdhury
Jogen Chowdhury

“It was incredible,” the shy artist was overheard saying at a lunch thrown for him the next day by a SoBo gallerist. “Either I've become more attractive suddenly, or the women have got more art conscious, but it was a very pleasurable experience any way,” he is reported to have said, chuffed. Portrait of the artist as a selfie subject...

Gosh it's Osh
Good to know that Osh Bhabani, brother of Adhuna Akhtar and one half of the team that launched BBlunt, who'd more or less disappeared from public consciousness after he moved to Australia a few years ago, is alive and kicking.

Osh Bhabani with his wife and kids
Osh Bhabani with his wife and kids

The good-looking hair stylist, who'd commanded quite a fan following amongst a swathe of men who swore by his sharp cuts, posted this picture of himself with his attractive family recently. 'My boy Sylus turned one today. Time for a family photo.'


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