Girgaum Post Office clerks demand sexual favours for paying deposits

Aug 16, 2014, 07:15 IST | Sagar Rajput

When an agent, on behalf of her clients, went to collect the matured recurring deposit money, the clerks asked her to 'come to hotel and make them happy' to get the money

Two clerks at the Girgaum post office allegedly refused to give money due on maturity to nearly 600 holders of recurring deposit accounts, saying they had never received the money. When the agent who had deposited the amount on people’s behalf went to ask for the money, the duo demanded sexual favours from her. The agent has complained to the V P Road police.

Clerks at the Girgaum Post Office demand sexual favours for paying deposits
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According to the police, the woman, an authorised agent, has nearly 600 clients on whose behalf she regularly deposited the money in their recurring deposit accounts in the post office. On maturity, the holders went to collect their money. They were shocked when the clerks told them they had never received any money in their accounts. The people complained to the agent, and when she went to the post office, she received the same response.

“I was shocked to hear their response. I have been depositing money for 600 clients every month before due dates without fail. They have acknowledged it with stamps on the passbook, with the signature and initial of the receiving clerk,” said the victim.

‘Make us happy’
Over the past one-and-a-half years, she has been trying to get what is due to the people, but in vain. However, one day, the two clerks allegedly asked her for sexual favours. One of them said to her: “Agar tum mere saath hotel mein aaogi aur mujhe khush karogi, toh saare paise lauta denge.” (If you come to the hotel with me and make me happy, we’ll return your money).

Outraged, the woman decided to take legal action. Through her lawyer, she sent a complaint to the post office. Haresh Ganatra, her lawyer, said, “My client is facing harassment at her workplace, but no action has been taken by the post office.

After I issued the letter to the post office department on July 3, I got a reply on July 15 saying that they would return the money. However, my client has been mentally harassed and no action has been taken on that note.” The money has not been given, as well.

The V P Road police have also received the complaint. Senior Police Inspector Suresh Kilje, from V P Road police station, said, “We have received the copy of the complaint and the investigation is going on.” The clerks have been questioned by the cops.

The other side
When contacted, Vaidehi Madhe, postmaster of Girgaum post office, said, “Our senior superintendent of south region is investigating the matter. He will answer to the complainant’s grievances.”

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