Girl locked in cage with wolves

Apr 06, 2012, 13:23 IST | IANS

A Chinese man who put his nine-year-old daughter into a cage with two wolves as part of a bizarre stage show claims it was to build her courage


Zhu Yongsheng locked up Zhu Lin with two of the world's most dangerous animals as part of a pet show in Urumqi in northwest China, China Daily reported Friday.

Representational picture

Zhu Lin, dressed in army fatigues, touches the wolves while locked in the cage in front of the audience. The photo has sparked outrage online. 
"Some people say I am cruel to my daughter, but I just want to make her strong," said her father, who is manager of a training base for dogs and wolves in Urumqi.
He claims Zhu Lin has trained more than 10 dogs and four wolves since she was three years old. 

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