Girl rescued from rubble 61 hours after Taiwan quake

Feb 09, 2016, 09:43 IST | Agencies

Shortly after she was rescued, the mayor spoke to the 8-year-old girl, who replied saying she was feeling okay

Tainan/Beijing: Among the survivors rescued yesterday from under the debris of a collapsed residential building some 61 hours after a 6.7 magnitude quake struck Taiwan, was an 8-year-old girl.

Rescuers carry Li Tsung-tian out of the site of the quake. PIC/AFP
Rescuers carry Li Tsung-tian out of the site of the quake. PIC/AFP

Mayor William Lai Lai Ching-Te told reporters he briefly exchanged words with the girl, identified as Lin Su-chin. “She is awake, but looks dehydrated, lost some temperature but she’s awake and her blood pressure is OK,” he said, adding, “I asked her if there’s anything wrong with her body. She shook her head.”

Another survivor was a man, identified as Li Tsung-tian, who was rescued after being trapped for 56 hours. was conscious and talking to rescuers as he descended from the toppled building, in Yongkang district of Tainan city, via a crane, Xinhua reported. He was rushed to hospital for treatment but may have to undergo amputation, according to mayor Lai. Lai said rescuers had been trying to dig him out of the rubble for more than 20 hours but failed as his left leg was trapped. Another survivor Tsao Wei-ling, called out “Here I am” as rescuers dug through to find her, Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Corp. reported. She was found under the body of her husband, who had shielded her from a collapsed beam, the government-run Central News Agency reported.

Shortly afterward, rescue workers also pulled out a 28-year-old Vietnamese woman, identified as Chen Mei-jih, who had been trapped on what was the building’s fifth floor

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