Girl Scouts selling cookies help nab store shoplifter

Mar 18, 2014, 07:56 IST | Agencies

Noticing a man stealthily pushing a full shopping cart out of the store, the plucky girls decided to take action

Texas: Girl Scout troop 129007 ended up being a troop of crime fighters while they were outside a Katy H-E-B grocery store selling cookies. The girls set up a table outside the supermarket and they noticed a man pushing a full shopping cart out of the store, with suspiciously loose items that were not in H-E-B bags.

The troop kept an eye on the man and once he got the cart to his car, they felt he was indeed stealing and reported him to H-E-B employees. Denise Villareal, H-E-B store service director, confirmed that the man was shoplifting and had an accomplice with him. Villareal told the station that items included, “wine, high end appliances…a lot of stuff. Not only just groceries but a lot of high-end merchandise.”

Authorities were called and the suspects were arrested. “He was stealing a lot of stuff,” said Girl Scout Hailey Matthews, adding, “We caught a bad guy.” H-E-B employees bought up boxes of the Girl Scout cookies and a photo of the troop hangs in the grocery store as a reminder of their help.

The price of goods that the girl scouts prevented from getting stolen

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