Girls just wanna have fun

Jul 09, 2012, 09:53 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The Morning After, a new book that has hit stores, profiles a group of friends stuck in messy relationships who take a trip in Goa searching for answers of life

Kamini Patel, a lawyer turned author has just launched her debut novel titled The Morning After. The book revolves around the fabulous four — Neha, Sanya, Lara and Palak. The young women love their drink as much as they love each other. The characters are quite a diverse bunch.

The book The Morning After revolves around a bunch of girls who are searching for answers of life. Representation Pic

Neha doesn’t care much about her career and is not sure if she even fancies her clingy, judgmental boyfriend while Sanya is a serial dater with a hard-as-rock heart. Lara is engaged to the love of her life, but is trying desperately to survive her monstrous in-laws to be. Step-by-step life planner Palak is in a perfect, almost dream-like relationship. But her promotion and transfer shake the foundation of her life.

The girls head to Goa to sort their issues and realise that there’s nothing that a little chocolate, cocktails and margaritas can’t cure. “If you’re confused about life, the men around you and the rules you’re supposed to abide by, this book is for you. When the quarter life crisis strikes, some people run away and hide in Goa amidst the beach, margaritas and among friends. We have all been there, if not more than once and sometimes that getaway is all you really need to turn your life around,” said Patel.

She added that she has learnt that there are no disastrous calamities that you can’t face with your friends besides you. Some of Patel’s favourite authors are Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steele, Judith Krantz, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham and Stephen Frey.

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