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Oct 09, 2012, 06:38 IST | Soma Das

Co-authored by UK-based mother-daughter duo, Alice Hart-Davis and Beth Hindaugh, 100 Ways For Every Girl To Look & Feel Fantastic, is the perfect self-help guide for teenage girls and women to look good, eat well, stay fit, feel great and find your own style. Alice shares mantras that will make every girl look like a million bucks everyday, along with loads of tips, tweaks and tricks to look and feel fab

While there is a sea of information on beauty and wellness over the Internet, there is a lack of analysis on the countless surveys and interpretation of research data. That was one of the key reasons that prompted beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis to team up with her daughter Beth Hindaugh to write the book, 100 Ways For Every Girl To Look & Feel Fantastic.

Says Davis, “You can find information on anything and everything on the internet in a few clicks of the mouse. But unless you have some expertise in interpreting what you find, it’s difficult to know whether what you are reading is true or a minority view or highly biased. So, my books are an attempt to cut through all this and give teen girls sensible, unbiased and independent advice. The book’s aim is to show how looking after yourself isn’t rocket-science and doesn’t need to be expensive.”

Previously, Davis had written Be Beautiful for which she teamed up with her elder daughter Molly. Explaining her logic for working with her daughter, Beth, for this book, she says, “A book like this needs equal inputs from both generations: Beth was able to give me the teenager’s perspective, and a clear opinion on everything from which topics were more interesting to teen girls than others, to the phrasing of the writing. The only hindrance came from the time it took to put our heads together on areas where we disagreed, and work out how we could solve the problems.”

For this book, Davis and her daughter spoke to several teenage girls to gauge their subjects of interest. She also runs her own skincare line called Good Things, which involves incessant research into aspects of appearance and health.

The book, has a smart, pacy layout, with colourful images, celebrity and common case studies, expert opinions and 100 simple how-to tips (on how to dress up, eat well, etc). It is high on design elements, courtesy the designers Louise Jackson and Charlie Moyler.

Alice Hart-Davis’ top 5 tips for girls
(1)  Learn to like yourself as a person. Wherever you go, whatever you wear, however you live, you are never going to escape from yourself. So get acquainted with yourself, appreciate yourself for the individual that you are, and be your own best friend.

(2)  Get started with a basic skincare routine. Cleanse every night, moisturise if your skin needs it and protect your skin from the sun and your skin will thank you for it.

(3)  Practice being happy. People are often surprised to learn that happiness is something you can work at. It is not dependent on what happens to you. You can’t always control what happens in your life, but you can control your response to what happens. And if you choose to focus on positive things rather than on disappointments, you can become much happier.

(4) Don’t compare yourself toother people.

(5)  Have fun. Life is awfully serious a great deal of the time, and we need all the fun and enjoyment we can get. 

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Tip 95:
Aim for a rainbow plate
The best way to get the nutrients you need is to choose foods from every colour of the rainbow — especially brightly coloured fruit and vegetables. Make sure the carbohydrates you eat are brown (wholegrain) rather than white.  

Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants thought to protect the body’s cells. Fruit and vegetables are a good source of fibre, too, which keeps your digestive system healthy.

Tip: Don’t get hung up on having skimmed milk rather than whole milk. High-fat foods are those which are 20% fat, and high fat liquid foods are 10% fat. Full fat milk is only  4% fat.

Tip 65: Take an all-round approach to fitness There are five aspects to fitness. Ideally you should work on all of them rather than getting obsessed with one of them as they complement each other.

What is: Being able to stretch and bend freely in all directions.
Try: Gymnastics, yoga, stretching.

What is: Training your muscles to work properly.
Try: Working with weights.

Balance and coordination:
What is: Teaching your body to move with grace and awareness.
Try: Yoga, pilates, martial arts.

Cardiovascular fitness:
What is: Getting your heart and lungs working.
Try: Swimming, running or cycling.

What is: Being able to keep going.
Try: Slow, lengthy cardio exercise.

Tip 24: Find a signature look
Examine pictures of celebrities and you will see that most have a particular make-up look that they turn to time and time again because it works so well. Here are their secrets:
Colourful eyes — Beyonce
Beyonce never lets her eyes fade into the background. For a party try wearing bright colours around your eyes — pinks, blues or whatever works with what you’re wearing.
smoky eyes — Adele
Adele is rarely seen without smoky eyes and a flick of the eyeliner — a sultry look which isn’t too hard to copy. The easiest way to create a smoky eye is to use just one colour of eye shadow. Apply it generously to the eyelid and then use a brush to blend the colour softly all the way to the brow bone. Finish it off with a flicky line of the liquid eyeliner.
Strong eyebrows — Emma Watson
Even when she’s wearing almost no make-up, Emma’s distinctive eyebrows frame her face and her large eyes beautifully. If you aren’t blessed with such naturally great brows you can give yours more oomph with an eyebrow pencil. Another option is to pick a shade slightly darker than your natural brow colour and work along each brow in turn using short, feathery strokes.
A fresh-faced glow — Selena Gomez
To get your skin looking gorgeously fresh without smothering it in make-up, mix a dab of moisturiser in with some foundation on the back of your hand and blend this on your face. The foundation will give your skin an even tone, and the moisturiser will keep it light and dewy.  

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