Give your wardrobe a Kolkata-themed makeover

Jan 16, 2013, 01:14 IST | Soma Das

Handwoven cotton sarees from Kolkata have acquired a loyal fan following across the country.

If you are a lover of such textiles from the city, there’s good news for your ilk. Over the next few days, handwoven saree shop Vaya will showcase textiles by Kolkata-based brand Bailou in Mumbai.

Bailou Saree

On offer will be handwoven sarees and dupattas in vibrant hues. This will be the first time that Bailou will be launching a collection of sarees keeping in mind the wedding season.

Along with Jamdani sarees, there will be gauzy linens, fine cotton muslins, satin borders and more. These textiles are more ornamental and flamboyant than the usual Bailou sarees and are woven for over a month using traditional techniques.

Bailou Dupatta

On Today and tomorrow, 11 am to 7 pm
At Vaya outlets at Jeevan Kiran,
SV Road, Bandra (W) and Cool Shanagh 8, Nawroji Gamadia Road.
Call 23536544 

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