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Sep 22, 2013, 10:59 IST | Moeena Halim

Three by Three by Three, a sculpture exhibition at the Priyasri Art Gallery, includes the work of former and present students of the prestigious MS University, Baroda

Walk into the Priyasri Art Gallery at Worli and you will find a complaint box fashioned in bronze. Open it and you’re treated to the soft refrain of the patriotic Saare jahaan se accha; snap the lid shut and you direct a finger into the sculpted ear.

The bronze complaint box portrays the lackadaisical approach of our system

“The concept portrays the lackadaisical approach of our system. Complaint boxes are kept at every office, but no one is really willing to listen to the complaints. It is merely there,” reveals Soumitra Gouri, the MS University alumnus who sculpted the piece.

“This is my experiment with interactive art, which is a relativelymodern concept in sculpture,” adds Gouri, whose display includes two other aesthetic pieces, titled Middle Class and GameMaker.

The sculptor is one among 17 others exhibiting their works as part of Three by Three by Three. What binds the small format sculptures on display is the perspective they offer on our society, each inspired by contemporary socio-political issues.

Mrudula Mishra, currently in her second year of post-graduation at MS University, is exhibiting a piece made of modern acrylic sheet. “My intention is to talk about human behaviour within Indian culture -- both contemporary as well as traditional,” says Mishra. What you see is a set of A4-sized acrylic sheets spiral-bound together to look like a book. Each of the pages has drawings on them -- some of veiled women, others less concerned with tradition. “If you look at individual pages, everything is clear. But together, they form a hotchpotch. This signifies human behaviour. You might portray your true self to those closest to you, but to the world you remain a jumbled mystery,” explains the artist, who claims she is inspired by her own personality as well as those she has observed around her.

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