Glitzy IPL should not hurt Indian cricket

Apr 03, 2013, 00:56 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

It is a fact. Very rarely do Indian cricketers miss the Indian Premier League through injury.

It is a fact. Very rarely do Indian cricketers miss the Indian Premier League through injury. In fact, players who have been out of the game due to injury have recovered to play the Twenty20 extravaganza which has entered its sixth year.

The National Cricket Academy in Bangalore, in all probability, will be bereft of injured cricketers over the next two months. But come June and it may resemble a hospital ward.

The IPL is a great concept and the BCCI deserves all credit for making it a highly popular product. But the tournament’s success should not come at the cost of the shortening of careers. This is exactly what injuries caused by cricketing overload do.

It is learned that players cross huge pain barriers to figure in line-ups in the great, big quest to win domestic cricket’s biggest prize. But players need to, their huge IPL salaries notwithstanding, stand up and refuse to push to ridiculous limits. After all, they will always be remembered for their deeds while wearing the India cap and not their IPL hats which can change from season to season.

The cricketing public is in for a great treat during the summer. The cricket is what should stand out, and not controversies which has somehow been a common factor in all IPL editions. It adds to the spice factor, but too much of spice is not good for the game.

While the IPL has emerged as India’s biggest domestic tournament, the players must remember that they need to perform on other platforms as well. The Champions Trophy, 50-50 cricket’s most important tournament after the World Cup will be held in June and India must look to shine there to enhance their chances to defend their World Cup crown in Australia and New Zealand less than two years from now.

IPL’s great but it cannot be the main object of focus. 

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