Global sounds for Mumbai

Apr 18, 2013, 04:53 IST | Ruchika Kher

To whet the appetite of the city's eclectic music buffs, two young musical talents with diverse sounds, and from different corners of the world are here for a gig and a music video, respectively. Ruchika Kher connected with both to listen to their sounds of music

Lggy Azalea: Oz you like it
She is being touted as the next Nicki Minaj and is leaving no stone unturned to take over the popularity the queen of rap has been enjoying till now — pave the way for Iggy Azalea, 22-year-old Australian rapper, who is making news with her current single, Work and as of now is in the city to shoot for her next, Bounce.

Australian singer Iggy Azalea

When we asked about her Indian sojourn, the young artiste refrained from revealing too much, “When I created this song, I was excited and I wanted to shoot the video in a place which is synonymous with culture and colour, so I decided to come down. Also, I’ve never been to India but have heard so much that I wanted to come here. However, this time, I will not be able to visit other cities, but I do plan to come back soon.”

Azalea has been rapping since she was 14. At a time when most girls were interested in Pop and Rock, Azalea was only inclined towards artistes like Eminem and Tupac Shakur. “Rap isn’t too popular in Australia, but I still got hooked on to it and began rapping early,” adds the singer, who is unfazed by all the comparisons to Minaj. “She’s a big star; to be put on the same level as hers is a great thing. It’s a compliment. But I have my own style,” she clarifies.
The video that she is shooting for in the city is slated for a May release.

Farah Siraj: Arabic and all that Jazz
“My music is always evolving and each work represents a certain time in my life,” this is how Jordanian singer Farah Siraj, who mixes Arabic music with Flamenco, Latin and Jazz influences defines her sound. Jordan’s ‘music ambassadress’ as she is often referred to, is all geared up for her debut act in the city, on April 20. “This is my first time in India. I’ve always wanted to come, and now that I am here, I am loving every minute of it. This is my chance to explore India with my music” she adds.

Jordanian singer Farah Siraj

Siraj, who represents Jordan annually at the United Nations World Peace Day, has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious platforms, including the United Nations, Nobel Prize Hall and the World Economic Forum among other places. In 2011, she released her album, titled Nomad, funded personally by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan. The album offers original compositions, fusing influences of Middle Eastern music, Flamenco, Jazz, Bossa and Pop, with lyrics in Arabic, Spanish and English.

“Music has always been a part of my life. I was only three when I appeared on stage for the first time, so this is really all I know. Over the years, my voice and my sound have become the biggest reflection of myself. My Middle Eastern, Flamenco, Latin and Jazz influences are all part of me,” expresses the singer, who will be performing works from her album Nomad in her Mumbai gig along with few special additions. 

Siraj is also a major promoter of world peace and believes in spreading the message of love and oneness through her music. “It’s important to spread the message of peace. Music is my way to do it. More than ever before, I feel it’s important to focus on our common humanity as opposed to our differences. Music has the power to bring people together that is why as artistes we must stand for what matters to us and try to help as many people as we can,” recommends the fusion artiste.

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