Go beyond policies to ensure child rights

Jul 17, 2014, 06:23 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

We fight for the rights of our children and run from pillar to post to ensure that their voices are heard

We fight for the rights of our children and run from pillar to post to ensure that their voices are heard. What comes next? A big set of rules and regulations are framed and implemented only on paper, whereas in reality, children still suffer.

While at the start they suffered at the hands of an ignorant society, today they suffer because of blatant apathy from the educated and informed society. Landmark policies like the Right to Education (RTE) Act as well as various other provisions have been put in place to safeguard the interests of children.

Various state, central and international boards have introduced a series of concessions in schools especially for students with learning disabilities (LD), autism and physical disabilities, so as to ease the burden of education. Still there seem to be loopholes in the actual implementation of these very rules in schools.

While the government has put a framework in place to ensure the rights of these children, the fact that many are still suffering and struggling, shows the need for better reforms. Let’s stop introducing policies that are unsustainable during crisis.

Instead, it is time the government works towards ensuring that no child is treated like an outcast in a school where they were admitted to get past the differences in the first place. While awareness has reached few parts of the society, the focus should now be on ensuring change in the mindset of people.

The government needs to now focus on setting up more LD identifying centres across the state. There is need to hire experts in the field and place them in situations where parents as well as school authorities are struggling with the problem at hand.

Schools need to start sensitising their staff as well as students towards topics like LD, autism and other disabilities. It is said that support and encouragement is found in the most unlikely places, but for the sake of the children, let’s make support available where it’s needed the most the society and most importantly, in schools.

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