Go clicking in the wild

Apr 30, 2012, 06:27 IST | The Guide Team

Take part in a wildlife photography contest and you might get featured in Sanctuary Asia's coffee table book

If you are a photography enthusiast, it’s time to grab your cameras and go shooting in the wild. Send your entries to Sanctuary Asia’s photography contest and your photographs might just fetch you an entry in Sanctuary Asia’s upcoming coffee table book, titled Wild Maharashtra, in addition to winning several other exciting prizes.

The contest has been organised to highlight the natural heritage of Maharashtra. The state is renowned for its rich wildlife, which can be captured beautifully on camera. With four tiger reserves, six national parks and 36 wildlife sanctuaries, it has an unparalleled natural diversity with umpteen varieties of flora and fauna.

The challenge is to use the natural canvas to capture 20 photographs in any of the national parks, sanctuaries, tiger reserves, marine habitats and send it to the contest. You can also send in photographs you have already taken. The contest is open till August 30. The subject of the photographs can range from habitats and landscapes to plants, animals and tribals. Winners can win cash prizes up to Rs 25,000.

Email digital entries to: sanctuaryphotocontest@gmail.com

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