Go from day princess to queen of the night

Apr 30, 2012, 06:04 IST | The Guide Team

The weather determines what you eat, wear and also how you look. The Guide enlists the help of make-up expert Ayesha Wadiwala to help you face the heat day or night

For the day

> For the cheeks, apply a peachy pink powder blusher on the apple of the cheeks (the area just above the cheekbones).
> Smile while applying the blusher. This helps zero in on the area where one would naturally blush.
> Line the lips with a lip pencil and then smudge it in. This helps create a base.
> Finish off with a coat of lip gloss
Cool tip: Avoid using bronzers for a day look. Blushers create a softer, natural look.


> Start with the eyelids. Peach or pink shades are the best options for summer, as they add colour to your face without weighing you down.
> Add a hint of shimmer below the brow to lift the eyes.
> Next, lightly line the top of the eyelid with a dark brown, grey or black eye pencil.
> Smudge the pencil so that it delicately merges with the eye shadow.
> Finish off with a coat of mascara.
Cool tip: Opt for powder eye shadows for this season rather than cream.

For the night

> Use a bronzer on the contours of the cheekbones. This will make the face look more defined.
> Use a lip colour to redefine lips. Add a colour that complements the skin tone. Opt for a darker shade with lots of shimmer, since it’s ideal for evenings.
> Apply gloss over the lip colour.
> Finish off with a make-up fixer.


> Spray a little water on the face and gently dab with a little sponge.
> Apply foundation or loose powder on the face
> Apply a little eye shadow in a dark colour that will complement the outfit (We used dark purple to pair it with our day pink look) to the outer corners of the lid. Gently blend it into the crease line.
> Apply a powder eye shadow or highlighter on the brow bone, as well as a little to the inside corner of the eye.
> Apply a little shimmer
> Using a gel or liquid eyeliner, make the eyes very prominent
> Apply kajal and finish by lining the top and bottom lashes with two coats of mascara
Cool tip: If you want a smoky look, cover the entire lid with a dark eye shadow. Apply a little shimmery highlighting powder to the centre of the lid

Getting started:
> Wash your face with face-wash or a mild cleanser. Pat dry.
> Apply a coin-sized amount of sunscreen on your palm. Rub your hands together and gently massage the sunscreen onto the face.
> Follow this up by applying foundation. Alternatively, you could use a foundation with SPF 20 or SPF 25 as a base.
> Apply loose powder or compact to set the base.
Cool tip: Silicone-based products are an option, as they absorb excess oil, which keeps your look fresh for a longer time

> Line the waterline of your eyes with a skin-coloured or white eye pencil to make them look brighter and larger.
> For lasting make-up, spray on a make-up fixer, easily available at leading cosmetic brands.
> Always carry a compact when you have applied make-up for quick touch ups, especially during summer months. Compacts help absorb excess oil and keep make-up in place.
> Opt for water-based and SPF products. Those who like to stay away from foundation can opt for tinted SPF moisturisers as a base instead.
> Keep blotter tissues handy. They are helpful in wiping off excess oil from the face without upsetting your make-up.
> Use an oil absorbing primer before applying base for better results in the evenings
> Apply hair gel to set the eyebrows to complete your look

> Go overboard with colour. Use colour sparingly, or risk looking like a plastic doll
> Use brown or ‘muddy’ colours in the summer, or if you have dusky skin. Oranges and coral work well with warmer skin tones
> Use liquid bronzer in this weather
> Use cream-based lip colours. These products tend to bleed in the summer. 

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