Go, get stranded

Sep 02, 2012, 11:20 IST | The Features Team

It is that time of the year when towers of books begin mounting in many city homes, and you know why � the Strand Book Sale is here, and we thought it'd be nice to tell you what not to miss. Only because we like book towers more than ivory towers

Visions of Earth by Susan Tyler Hitchcock (Rs 1,200)
This is truly a “I love you Earth !” book. A Nat Geo product which thrills us with the sheer magnificence of our glorious planet. Stunning landscapes, fascinating people and amazing animals. It reconnects us to the Planet in an organic way which we have sorely missed out on, having been born to the city and steel and concrete.

The Black Hole War by Leonard Susskind (Rs 450)
This outlines the gigantic clash between Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind, both pre-eminent physicists, on the ultimate mystery of the Black Hole. Finally Hawking conceded, and an entirely new paradigm emerged that argues that the entire World — us, our homes, our surroundings — is nothing but a hologram projected from the edges of space.

Churchill’s Secret War by Madhusree Mukherjee (Rs 425)
Groundbreaking historical research which reveals that Churchill may have been a hero in Europe, but his miscalculations badly backfired when it came to India, setting the stage for the massive bloodletting that accompanied our country’s independence

Desserts by Ting Morris, Rachel Lane and Carla Bardi (Rs 375)
Over 200 excellent recipes by international food writers. Tested recipes in all genres: the classic, the simple, the wholesome, the naughty, the hep. A great gift to the person who can make them for you.

The Sun in Myth and Art by Madanjeet Singh (Rs 400)
A fascinating, panoramic study of the Sun in the life of the world. Its unparalleled influence on all cultures through symbolism, literature, building, philosophy, folklore, beliefs, customs, dance and music. An instant education that opens up so many doors that the reader can begin more explorations thereafter

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