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Mar 12, 2014, 09:36 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Head to city band Lucynic Fix’ gig where they will regale you with their Grunge, Blues and Acoustic tunes

Lucynic Fix is a city-based band that believes in soulful music that is not necessarily commercial. The three-piece band started with an acoustic set-up that uses cajon instead of a traditional drum kit for percussions.

Members of Lucynic Fix

The Lucynic Fix comprises Sikandar Yadu (guitar), Aniket Kate (drums), Craig Fernandez (session guitarist) and Keith Castelino (vocals/ base guitar).

We chatted with the lead vocalist Keith Castelino to know more about the band that specialises in Grunge/ Blues/ Acoustic music but claims that they are yet to find the right genre to fit their bill.

Tell us about your band and the type of music you play.
We are a three-member band with a fourth guitarist member occasionally. We all met out of the love for music and decided to be a full-time music band to make our kind of music. We are four different people who are fond of different musical genres. One member is into Spanish music while another is into in Hindi music; I am fond of English music. But when we came together, we discovered in our jamming sessions that the kind of music we are making has its unique identity. This is how we got into Grunge Rock and finally in June last year, we decided to form Lucynic Fix.

You are an atypical band who plays with a cajon.
Yes, Aniket plays cajon and jambee in our band. It would have been easier to have a drumkit but instead we wanted to break the monotony and when a simpler form of percussion is available why settle for anything else? Our focus remains on vocals and the guitar, hence we experimented with it.

Are you planning on a music album anytime soon?
We have a few original songs that we are planning to launch but looking at the commercial demand of the Indian market, it seems difficult. Hence, we will be launching it abroad first. In India, it is difficult for a solo artiste or band which is into non-commercial type of music to find buyers. People like to hear covers by famous artistes or Electronic Dance Music but there is a reluctance towards original music. We cannot follow suit with other bands. Our idea is to understand emotions behind music and take it to the audience.

On: March 13, 8 pm onwards
At: Hard Rock Cafe, Mundhwa.
Call: 67258888

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