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Apr 07, 2013, 23:48 IST | Ruchika Kher

Located at Lokhandwala market, which is abuzz with shoppers, Gusto, the newest bar and kitchen in the area, shuts the chaos out and pampers you with lip-smacking food and engaging music so you hit the sweet spot

What’s better than engaging conversation, a delectable spread, a vibrant ambiance laced with a couple of heady cocktails? With this wishlist we dropped by Gusto, a new bar and kitchen at the end of Lokhandwala market. The end result ensured the list was covered; well, almost.

Fondue De Fungi is a light and tasty appetiser

As we entered the dimly-lit Gusto, a quick scan was enough to reassure us that we were in for a good evening (gut instinct, we would like to believe). The white-and-grey interiors with distressed paint on the walls, and candle-lit shelves, ensured that its aesthetics appeal was intact. Although, it also had a tiny al fresco section; the lilting music tilted the scales for an indoor dinner instead.

The interiors of Gusto have a subtle appeal

Conversation was flowing; we loved the vibe, and all we wanted now, was to do justice to the menu. However, we were in for an bummer, first up — except for beer, the bar served no other alcohol. Teething problems, the owner said as he assured us that their bar would be up and running in two-three day’s time. Since we weren’t beer fans, we skipped the drink. During our time, we noticed the owner checking on whether his patrons were having a good time.

To overcome the alcohol no-show, we went all out to explore food options, and were pleased to spot Italian, Oriental and Mexican cuisine. The menu would see additions in a fortnight, we were told, later. We studied the appetisers, and opted for Fondue De Fungi (Rs 190) and Pollo Picante (Rs 225). The service was pleasant, friendly and swift — a happy mix. The De Fungi, which was stir-fried mushrooms stuffed with cheese, was tasty to the last bite and rendered our prophecy true (about us entering a good place, remember?).

 the non-veg Green Thai Curry. Pics/Kiran Bhalerao

The Pollo Picante — batter-fried chicken, with a hot sauce made with onions, garlic, bell peppers and tomatoes, satiated our hunger such that it was wolfed down within minutes.

Good luck seemed to be with us; for the mains, we settled for the vegetarian Alfredo Pasta (Rs 340) and the non-vegetarian Green Thai Curry (Rs 425). Soon, we were able relish the well-cooked penne in white sauce with mushrooms and baby corn — a delight, with bags of flavour. The authentic Thai Curry was a perfect end to our memorable multi-cuisine experience.

Honestly, more could have been wiped off from the menu, especially after our great run but we would’ve needed elastic stomachs to go further. We put our tempted minds at ease by making an advance plan for an encore; very soon, we might add.

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