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Sep 19, 2011, 07:38 IST | The Guide Team

The festive season is upon us.

The festive season is upon us. From now till Diwali, it's the exorbitant period when near and dear ones are gifted tokens as we attempt to express our love for them. While there are plenty of options out there that money can help you buy, not all of them spell elegance and refinement. After all, a showpiece can hardly create the same impression as a colourful, handwoven sari or shawl.

So, if you have a loved one, like us, with a fetish for fine handlooms that match the stories woven in their magical threads, then its the perfect time to go hunting for treasures. To kickstart the process, handloom store Vaya is offering handwoven saris, shawls and scarves straight from the looms of Maheshwar, West Bengal, Uppada, Kanchipuram, Benaras and Kota.

These places are identified as the hotbeds of exquisite handloom creations. If you are too pressed for time and can't make that trip to any of these places, a trip to the shop may be in order. As you browse through piles of handlooms, make sure you collect the intricate details behind each piece. You may just be surprised.
from 10 am onwards

At: Vaya, Jeevan Kiran, SV Road, Bandra (W) and Cool Shanagh, Nawroji Gamadia Road.
Call: 26436556 / 23536544

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