Goa to crack down on traffic cops harassing tourists

Oct 02, 2013, 13:00 IST | IANS

Admitting that needless harassment of tourists driving two-wheelers and cars in Goa was "creating a bad image", a senior police official said Wednesday that traffic policemen who flag down tourists needlessly and demand money will be punished severely

"We will take the harshest measures against police officers who indulge in such matters," Director General of Police Kishan Kumar said. He also asked victims of such harassment to write to him directly for action against the errant cops.

Sights of traffic policemen going out of way to flag down self-driven cars and two-wheelers with out-of-state registration numbers on the state's roads are very common, with the tourists being subjected to regular extortion threats.

"We don't want bad image created about Goa. No one should be stopped on road without a specific reason. Whomsoever is caught indulging in such practice will not be spared. Harshest measures will be taken against policemen indulging in these action," Kumar said.

Kumar in his appeal has asked all those who have faced such harassment to write to him directly on kishankumar4thjan@gmail.com with specific details for action.

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