Goan melting pot of ideas

Mar 25, 2013, 01:20 IST | Soma Das

Come March 28, and all roads will lead to Morjim where the two-day The Goa Project will present a platform for people to discuss ideas, solve problems, build ties and collaborate

Taking it easy often leads to great innovations and The Goa Project is an attempt to get people to hit the beaches, meet diverse people and thus, spark innovative streams of thought.

On March 28 and 29, people from various fields including business, film, performing arts, music, and visual arts will attend The Goa Project, an ‘unconference’ which will include workshops, roundtable / jam sessions, exhibitions, and more.

An unusual experiment
Speaking about the event, Caitlin Marinelli, member of the core team says, “In India today, our brilliant ideas are often confined by the invisible nets that bind us, to our social and professional circles. The Goa Project is an experimental platform fusing diverse energies and mentalities.”  At the event, everyone who turns up can be a potential speaker, and people can also contribute by posting photos, blog entries, podcasts, and video clips of the proceedings.

The Goa Project has been organised by 40 volunteers from diverse fields who have been working on the event over the last five months. “The event is a true social experiment run by volunteers, curated by the community and funded by the crowd to accelerate grassroots-level changes across disciplines,” adds Marinelli.

Go Goa
On selecting Goa as the venue, Marinelli reasons, “The Goa Project pushes people to go outside their comfort zones and think outside the box. By holding it in Goa…attendees just show up, and think outside. No box required.”

Watch out for...
Some of the speakers at the event include Dr Sunita Maheshwari, who was nominated as one of the top 20 women healthcare achievers in India in 2009. She currently runs an innovative e-teaching programme for postgraduates in pediatric cardiology all across the country.

Don’t miss the session on how the arts are integral to the political process, with Samrat Bee of Audio Pervert and the Bant Singh Project. Artist and graphic novelist Abhishek Singh will host a session on re-imagining Krishna in music, dance, animation and theatre.

In case you harbour secret desires of farming, you may want to attend a session on how to work as a consultant during the week and turn farmer during the weekend, conducted by Kiruba Shankar. For the footloose, Mahesh Murthy’s session on travelling 60 countries on a shoestring budget, is ideal. For film afficionados, Shiladitya Bora’s talk on independent film distribution might just be what the doctor ordered.

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