Golden Tobacco's affiliation to MCA under threat

Jul 18, 2013, 00:43 IST | Harit N Joshi

Vile Parle tobacco firm had allegedly not met MCA affiliation norms

Golden Tobacco’s affiliation with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is in trouble. According to the findings of MCA’s sub-committee for affiliation, the cigarette-making company situated in Vile Parle, has not played any MCA-affiliated tournaments for the last three years. The sub-committee also reported to the association about the company shutting down their business in Mumbai and shifting to Baroda. 

However, Golden Tobacco is not the only company which is under the MCA lens. Sources have indicated that there are 18 to 19 firms whose affiliation is in limbo. Details of these companies however would be out soon.

When MiD DAY called up Golden Tobacco’s Vile Parle office, a security guard answered the phone clearly stating that the company is no more in existence in the city. When checked with one of their suppliers, Minhaj Ali said: “The company has moved its operations to Baroda. There is no activity at their Vile Parle office.”

According to an MCA source, the association’s clause clearly states that “a company’s affiliation can be cancelled” if they are no more in existence in Mumbai or Thane district. Last year, the affiliation sub-committee sent letters to 329 affiliated clubs and around 25 associate clubs to furnish details about their participation in MCA tournaments.

Dr PV Shetty, MCA’s joint honorary secretary, said Golden Tobacco has been asked to give details about their participation in the last three years. “Our sub-committee found out that they have not played in MCA tournaments. We have asked them to give details of their last three years. If they haven’t played, they would be disaffiliated. We will take that up in the next affiliation committee meeting which will be held around the first week of August,” Shetty told

Affiliated members are entitled to voting rights in the MCA elections and can avail of all facilities that the association provides. Apart from their match passes at concessional rates, affiliates are also entitled to four memberships at BKC & Kandivli recreation centres.

The other side

Golden Tobacco’s authorised signatory and representative in the MCA, Chandrashekhar Raje rubbished claims that the company hasn’t played any tournaments in the last three years. “We have been regularly participating in MCA tournaments,” Raje said.

He also refuted claims that the company has shut down in Mumbai. “This is completely false. Golden Tobacco is functioning regularly in Vile Parle. In fact, we are in the process of starting our production in Palghar by next year,” he said. 

Raje informed that the company has submitted all the details regarding their participation in tournaments to the MCA. “We have definitely given whatever information they have asked for. But I don’t remember when we submitted it,” Raje said. 

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