Gomzee's conscious

Jul 27, 2012, 08:33 IST | Special Features

Gautam Kapur, the chiseled ex-supermodel turned entrepreneur has come out with a new anti-ageing venture 'Be Conscious' that has products for a healthy and energetic life.

“A man cannot be healthy, wealthy and wise until he harnesses the bounty of Mother Earth’s foods, micro-nutrients, vitamins and supplements in their most natural form,” says the model turned businessman.

Naturally healthy
Kapur’s idea is to bring forth products that are organic in nature. “I want to promote products that allow you to absorb the natural goodness of nature without artificial influences,”says Gautam, who’s also known as Gomzee in the social circles.

What’s on offer...
The range has products like Be Conscious Amino Acids that help build your body. You can choose from 20 different kinds of amino acids, which form proteins in the body. These benefit your skin, body and help you stay positive. Be Conscious anti-ageing also deals in organic foods such as quinoa, bulgar wheat, mixed seeds, organic oats, pastas, spelt cold pressed oils, nuts, sprouted wheat flour etc. Log onto www.beconscious.in for more information.

Lifestyle product
Whether you’re a sports addict or in need of a healthy lifestyle, Be Conscious provides cutting-edge holistic solutions to many health challenges faced by men and women today. “We promote the products through customised nutritional supplementation. Be Conscious is associated with a renowned bio-scientist. We offer natural and non-surgical approach to many of health problems such as fatigue, anxiety/depression, thyroid disorders, infertility, menopause, osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, muscle loss, weight loss, etc,” explains Kapur. 

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