Good news for those fasting this Shravan

Aug 15, 2013, 01:31 IST | Richa Pinto

Rates of sago and peanuts, required items in food preparations during the holy month, have dropped, taking traders by surprise

Last week was the start of Shravan, a holy month of fasting for Hindus. Those who observe the fast include foods like sabudana (sago) and singdana (peanuts) in their diet. Each year, the prices of these items shoot up around this time with the surge in demand. However, this year the situation is different. 

Unexpected benefit: Traders say the uncharacteristic drop in prices of sago and peanuts this year is due to a high yield and drop in exports of the two items

The prices of sabudana and singdana have, surprisingly, dropped in the city. Wholesale traders from Vashi’s Agricultural Produce and Market Committee (APMC) say that unlike every year, when the prices of these products rise steeply, this year the rates have dropped as the supply has increased.

In June this year, sago was selling anywhere between Rs 73-75 per kg, but the price now has reduced to Rs 67 approximately, while peanuts which costed
Rs 85 per kg in June are now selling at Rs 80.

Jayesh Vora, director of the APMC grain market, said that during Shravan peanuts and sago are in great demand. “Sago is known to come from Salem in Tamil Nadu, which is one of the major producers of this food. The place boasts of huge sago industries.

Peanuts, on the other hand, come from not just Tamil Nadu but from places like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Farmers were seen growing less of the crop over the last few years because of which the prices were increasing.

But this year the produce that has hit the market shows that they have grown aplenty.”
Traders said that export of these two food items has also gone down this year.

“The paperwork involved in exports has been troubling a lot of traders lately. Therefore, many have withdrawn from it. That could be a factor behind the drop in prices,” added Vora.

While sago is a 10-month crop, peanuts are known to be a three-month crop. The crushing of sago is known to take place in Tamil Nadu itself after which it is sent in processed form to various markets.

Jinesh Majethia, one of the wholesalers at APMC, said that over the years the number of people demanding fast food items has reduced to a certain extent.
“The demand for snack items as such is not like what it used to be earlier, but business is carrying on.

People still buy these commodities and the demand during Shravan increases. However, the reduced prices this year has taken all of us by surprise.” 

Did you know?
While sago is a 10-month crop, peanuts are a three-month crop. The crushing of sago is known to take place in Tamil Nadu itself after which it is
sent in processed form to various markets 

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