Good Punjabi fare at Kandivli's UFO

May 19, 2013, 07:51 IST | Phorum Dalal

The revolving restaurant in Kandivli East serves good food, and promises loads of fun for children

We have never been inside an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), leave alone ever spotted one. So a dinner e-vite from UFO restaurant in Kandivli sounds too good to resist. The revolving UFO (restaurant) is on the fifth floor of Dimple Complex in Kandivli(East), and our excitement hits the ceiling when we look at the view that surrounds it — buildings, buildings and a few more, yes, buildings.

UFO is a revolving restaurant in Kandivli East

White clouds amid the sky blue wall paper greets us and transform us into a cozy outer space, with the floor moving at snail’s pace beneath our feet. We think a mixture of conveyor belts at the airport and subtle jerks of our Mumbai local trains.

White tables and chairs are set along the circumference of the UFO, with a centre space for several television screens so you do not miss any moment of a cricket match that’s being shown. We like.

As we begin our first revolution, we realise a few children and elderly couples sitting in adjacent tables are awestruck. A 60-something woman exclaims how her table is walking.

We order Smoked Chicken Soup, which comes with charcoal burnt chicken shreds in a creamy stock. A decent start, we then dig into Zaffrani Tikki, (mashed cottage cheese, spinach and vegetables coated with vermicelli), which is deliciously crispy and perfectly spiced.

Another starter, Paneer Hilltop, cottage cheese stuffed with char-grilled veggies is tender with a crunchy filling. By now, the delectable food has stolen our attention from the revolving floor and we order a Punjabi fare for the main course (the menu also offers Chinese). Subz Panchvati comes with fenugreek leaves, green peas and cottage cheese simmered in spinach and cream gravy give us a spicy hit. Subz Nazakhat, a mixed vegetable in brown gravy wins us over completely.

Be warned, if you prefer to relish your desserts, go easy on the rich main course, which leaves no space for dessert. We cannot rate the experience as it was a tasting UFO

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