Goodies for your pet, at the click of a mouse

Jan 23, 2013, 00:12 IST | Soma Das

Pet owners have one more online resource, thanks to, a one-stop shop that offers a range of goodies (mostly for dogs) including dog food, dog biscuits and meaty treats, toys, bowls, cords, leashes, paw-shaped beds, conditioners, shampoos and oils, combs, gloves, magazines and cages.

Although, these guys are Delhi-based, they deliver within 48 hours to most destinations across the country, even on weekends (free delivery on purchases worth R2,000 or more).

Neon balls

Plus, they also offer discounts on most of the products. This apart, every purchase helps you earn brownie points as they donate one percent of the amount that you spend to NGOs who look after stray and abandoned dogs, and other animals.

By registering on the site you can earn 100 credit points and 50 points, if you refer friends to the site. These points can be encashed for services such as grooming, vet care, training and boarding.

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