Google unveils speech controlled watches

Mar 20, 2014, 09:59 IST | Agencies

The software is called ‘Android Wear’, a version of its mobile operating system tailored for watches and other devices

London: Tech giant Google has announced a new take on its Android mobile operating system to speed up the development of wearable devices, saying that it will start “with the most familiar wearable — watches”.

Watch this space: The watch will use speech recognition to allow people to reply to texts and other messages

The newly created Android Wear operating system will be designed to take advantage of the Google’s growing store of contextual information about its users, with the internet giant promising that it will deliver functional wearables that work on four key fronts.

Firstly, smartwatches using Android Wear will be able to give “straight answers to spoken questions”, with users activating Google searches using the command “OK Google”; secondly, Google Now will offer reminders about personal information — tapping into your calendar to give reminders about upcoming meetings and the like.

Thirdly, Android Wear smartwatches will connect to other devices such as your phone and your TV, acting as a remote or as easily-accessible display for notifications; and fourthly, Google says that Android Wear will also sync with fitness apps, offering health information at a glance.

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