Goon tries to ascertain dominance, gets killed

Mar 28, 2013, 02:26 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Seven persons, including two minors, murder history-sheeter Atul Jagtap who was trying to establish his supremacy in Sainath dwelling in Kothrud; Jagtap had beaten them in the past

Seven persons, including two minors, killed 23-year-old history-sheeter Atul Jagtap around 1 am on Wednesday at Sainath dwelling in Kothrud. The killing was an outcome of the previous enmity between the accused and Jagtap. He died on the spot after the seven attacked him with iron pipes, swords and stones.

Police officials said after killing Jagtap in full public view, the accused fled the spot to evade arrest and sent text messages to each other to confirm whether Jagtap was dead or survived the attack.

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They said Jagtap, who has a case of attempt to murder and robbery registered against him at the Kothrud police station, was trying to establish his supremacy in the area and used to physically abuse the accused.

Five of the seven suspects, who were arrested within hours of the crime, were identified as Amol Gaikwad, Ganesh Rankhamb, Anil Hiwale, Sandip Chavate and Baban Dandage. They all are aged between 19 and 22 and are residents of thearea.

Police Inspector S B Navale of the Kothrud police station “Jagtap, though a resident Suraj Nagar, was trying to establish his supremacy in Sainath dwelling. He would visit the area frequently, abuse the locals and pick up petty fights.”

He said all the accused were victims of Jagtap’s highhandedness and callous behaviour. “Jagtap and his accomplices had thrashed these seven youths on several occasions, but they never approached the police station with a complaint,” Navale said.

He said the seven decided to avenge the humiliation they had suffered at Jagtap’s hand and decided to eliminate him. They hatched a plot on Monday, wherein they decided to get Jagtap in the area and finish him.

As per the plan, Rankhamb, who was on good terms with Jagtap, was asked to bring their target to the area. “Rankhamb, who too wanted to avenge his humiliation, went to Bhusari Colony. From there, the two wnet to Sainath dwelling, where the other six were waiting for them. The moment Jagtap and Rankhamb arrived near the Ganapati temple, they all attacked Jagtap with a sword and iron pipes. To ensure that Jagtap was dead, the accused picked up three big stones and slammed it on him,” Navale said.

All the seven accused were arrested within hours of crime from various locations in Kothrud and were charged under relevant sections of the IPC and the Arms Act.

Clueless residents
While the police officials alleged that the entire execution occurred in full public view, locals said none of them neither saw nor heard anything. Some even game reasons that they couldn’t hear anything as the ceiling fans at respective residences were creaking loudly. 

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