Govinda is my all-time favourite: Terence Lewis

Apr 29, 2015, 08:37 IST | Suprita Mitter

Dancer and choreographer Terence Lewis launched his YouTube channel, on #fame network, titled 'The Terence Lewis’ on April 14, that focuses on latest trends in dance, fitness and lifestyle

Q. Why did you choose to take dance online?
A. Fans always want to know more about you, beyond what they see on a television show. Young people are online today and it made sense to be able to connect with them. The channel currently has content related to my life, tips on fashion and grooming, tips for young dancers who wish to make it into the industry, tips on fitness and about my hairstyle too because many ask me about it! Dance tutorial videos will be coming up soon too.

Terence Lewis

Q. What is your interpretation of ‘Contemporary dance’?
A. Contemporary dance is organic. A lot of people think Contemporary dance is slow and emotional. It does have emotion but it’s not just that. Classical dances are stricter and rigid in their movements while Contemporary is more flexible, fluid. It is in sync with your body and doesn’t restrain it in any way. There is vulnerability. I think Contemporary dance is very holistic.

Q. What style is Contemporary dance best fused with?
A. Contemporary dance will go beautifully with Chhau, especially Mayurbhanj Chhau. They are both very graceful and look stunning together. Kathak and Bharatanatyam too have movements and motives that when fused with Contemporary can look fluid and fragile.

Q. Are there any new international or desi music/ dance videos that you liked?
A. There are so many fabulous dance videos being uploaded these days. There was a video of some boys in Amritsar doing Locking and Popping, which was brilliant. There was also a dance video uploaded by a ten-year-old boy that left me speechless.

Q. Who is your favourite all-time performer?
A. Govinda. He is graceful, effortless and has no stress on his face and body when he is performing. Unlike most others he doesn’t put too much unnecessary energy in his dance that makes the dancing look uncomfortable. His play of emotions is also superb.

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