Govt hostel boys given money for food, new cook

Sep 08, 2011, 06:52 IST | Alifiya Khan

Social welfare officer visits hostel, gives Rs 180 to each boy

Social welfare officer visits hostel, gives Rs 180 to each boy

After MiD DAY yesterday reported on the pitiable living conditions of students in the Government Boys Hostel in Kasarwadi that is managed by the social welfare department, the boys got immediate relief as officials visited the premises and gave them money for food.

The boys had been starving for four days after the government-appointed canteen contractor ran away because of alleged non-payment of dues.

The MiD DAY report yesterday on boys at the hostel
in Kasarwadi being left to fend for themselves

The boys come from humble backgrounds in rural areas and cannot afford to pay for meals.

They were living off charity from NGOs or going without meals when MiD DAY visited the hostel on Tuesday and found that for four days, no government official had even visited the boys' hostel to take stock of the situation.

After MiD DAY's front page report yesterday (Mess staff quits, govt hostel boys starve for 4 days), district social welfare officer Suresh Kamble visited the hostel.

As immediate relief, he gave Rs 180 to each boy towards food expenses.

"By evening we even arranged for a cook who used to prepare meals in one of our boys' hostels earlier. I hope the boys allow him to stay on," he said.

Other issues ignored
The boys complained that Kamble refused to discuss other issues like cleanliness, garbage and leaking
toilets, stating that he was concerned with solving more immediate issues at hand and other complaints would be taken up later.

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