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Oct 04, 2012, 00:53 IST | Surekha S

Recently released book Aghori has garnered a lot of interest, and tomorrow, the publishing company will host a workshop to give readers an insight into the process of making a graphic novel

If you dig reading comics and novels with graphics in it, this workshop might just be the thing for you. Holy Cow Entertainment, whose latest release Aghori, has garnered a huge buzz among readers of late, is planning to release eight issues of the story in four separate books.

Book cover of Aghori 2

Aghori 2 is slated for release on October 20. Tomorrow, Vivek Goel, who set up Holy Cow Entertainment, and Ram V, the writer of Aghori series will conduct a workshop to give readers an insight into the making of a graphic novel.

Goel started Holy Cow Entertainment about 15 months back, after discovering the growing readership that graphic novels had among readers and he has conducted a few workshops on the subject. “The response has been good and we have got writers and artists who were keen to understand the process. In fact, I signed up my first intern at one such workshop,” he shares. This is the first time that they will be hosting a workshop based on Aghori where writer, Ram V will share his expertise.

“In India, one doesn’t find many people who talk about the craft of writing. Writing for graphic novels is a sequential art. At this workshop, we will talk about developing the plot and characters for the novel,” says Ram, who has been writing flash fiction and short stories though Aghori is his fist graphic novel. With the help of the book, Ram plans to take the participants on a journey of how to write, structure and develop the story.

Goel has done most of the artworks for Aghori and will give participants a perspective on the artistic aspect of graphic novels. “A few years back, there were not many English graphic novels for adults. But, with Ramayan Reborn and other such titles, its appeal increased. We ourselves have released eight graphic novels till date,” shares Goel adding, “At such workshops, it is great to share the complete process of making the book, from the ideation to the final product.”

The story revolves around the internal struggle of a man, who is forced to leave his home and treads a path that leads him to becoming an Aghori. He returns home 12 years later and tries to trace his family.

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