Groove along with a virtual robot

Apr 06, 2012, 10:10 IST | Ruchika Kher

From the sunny sands of Goa to the buzzing shores of Mumbai, Sunburn's first edition kick starts in the city today. Along with DJs from all over the world, the music festival promises to be a visual and technological spectacle

Geeks can rejoice. Sunburn’s first season in the city will have a special focus on technology, gizmos and production. For the first time, the event will feature tech-gizmos like Liquid Nitrogen Bursts, CO2 Canon, Cryo-Borg, Pyrotechnics, LED mesh, spray guns, 3D projection mapping and more.

“Festivals are about the entire experience apart from the music, artists and the rest. Being the first electronic festival in India, fans are always expecting innovation in some way or the other from Sunburn.

When festival-goers witness some cutting edge technology it not only enhances the aesthetics but gives an individual a feeling that they may have never had before.

Today, technology can create anything from illusions to augmented reality. A combination of the best sound, extreme visuals, props, design and acts makes it the perfect mix to innovate in order to deliver a particular experience, says Shailendra Singh, Sunburn inceptor and Joint MD, Percept Limited.

“The highlight of this festival will be the cryoborg — our Sunburn robot who will be equipped with high-end LEDs, pyro guns, Nitrogen blasts, and to top it all, he is on stilts moving in the crowd,” he adds.

Although Sunburn Goa completed five years, these technologies have not been introduced there. “All that we have on show, in terms of technology, is new for Sunburn. In fact, many elements will be debuting in India.

At the moment, these are exclusive to the Mumbai festival but we may optimise each of these for our other formats,” informs Singh.

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