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Jul 02, 2013, 01:20 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide chatted with the artiste Gayathri Krishna on her upcoming performance in the city, her ready-to-launch album and the world tour

Gayathri Krishna, who is gigging across the globe, will be performing in the city this Wednesday. As a part of launching her debut album, the acclaimed artiste is on The Unknown worldwide tour. The talented, Alternative Pop singer and songwriter will be performing for the first time here, marking the
launch of her official debut album in the city. Known for her calibre for writing powerful lyrics, her compositions range from low rumblings to creating incisive and strong anthemic melodies.

Gayathri Krishna
The young artiste will regale you with her own mixture of Jazz and Classical Indian forming a unique brand of Alternative Pop

On the album The Unknown
This is my first album and as an independent artiste I have put in great efforts. It has total 12 songs all of which belong to the Alternate Pop genre. For me, this is the music that influences and inspires me. I particularly like the rap style of Ellie Goulding from the current slot. As part of the world tour I am currently on; I have started from India then will proceed to the east and west coast cities in the States like New York and Boston.

The Indian influence
My father being a music archiver and mother a music teacher, I was heavily influenced by Carnatic Classical music during my growing days. Thus, my songs reflect my Indian roots and simultaneously, what I have discovered from the world.

Challenge ahead for independent artistes
Having made this first album all by myself, I can say that it’s a huge challenge for independent artistes, if not difficult. Sans any marketing team and big labels to back you, such artistes need to perform a lot and make mark with their music. On a positive note, being independent, you get to think and make your own decisions. Also with the improved technology today, it’s easier to publicise your work to get that recognition. 

Pune the birthplace for my musical journey
Even though I am performing for the first time in Pune, I have lived in the city for three years when I was pursuing my BA here; so in a way I think I have started my musical process here. I like the city’s blend of young and old crowd, which show a lot of appreciation for art and artistes. Hence, I am really looking forward to the performance here.

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