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Jul 25, 2013, 09:55 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The GUIDE chatted with a city-based band that is set to debut in the city at The High Local Scene

At the third edition of The High Local Scene, city music buffs can groove to some Electronica music. Local artistes Maitreya Rajurkar and Meera Shenoy will be performing with their group Midland Sparks at the event.

Midland Sparks is a new Electronica collaboration between Rajurkar (member of the band TripShot Crew) and singer/guitarist Shenoy. Inspired by a number of artistes, the duo is keen on experimenting with unexplored musical genres.

Meera Shenoy from the Midland Sparks 

Speaking about their performance, Rajurkar says, “As a two-piece Electronica project, Meera and I are playing at our very first gig in the city. I will be taking care of computer set-ups, keyboard and all the live stuff. As I am already a member of a band, I chose this project as I wanted to explore a range of genres that may not be possible being in a single band.”

Rajurkar’s inspiration lies in all kinds of sounds that nature offers, right from a bird’s chirping to random sounds in day-to-day life. “But when it comes to artistes or bands, I am influenced by Four Tet, Nicholas Tarr and City Lights. Being a fan of assorted genres of music, I find the musical taste of the Pune audience has changed. People are now understanding World Music and accepting new genres,” says the Puneite.

Midland Sparks 

Shenoy is also enthralled to perform in front of the city crowds. “As the first performance of our project together, we will be presenting some originals along with a few DJ sets and remixes. That will include songs composed by Maitreya and covers of artistes like Nicholas Tarr. Thanks to a similar taste in music, we met three years ago during our college days and eventually decided to collaborate for this project. I am looking forward to our performance today as it is also one of my first few performances in the city.”

The Midland Sparks will perform along with another upcoming two piece lo-fi Electronic act, Castles In The Sky, that also hails from
the city.

On Today, 8.30 pm onwards
At The High Spirits Café, Mundhwa.
Call 65250559 

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