Groundsmen help recover stolen bag in MSSA premises

Aug 08, 2013, 01:11 IST | Sundari Iyer

They failed to nab the culprit, but a pair of alert MSSA groundsmen � Chandrakant Patil and Ravi Kahar � helped recover a St Xavier's, Borivli player's bag from a suspected thief at Azad Maidan yesterday.

Kahar saw an unknown person picking up a bag that was kept near the MSSA podium and running away. He quickly alerted Patil, who had gone out to fetch tea for MSSA officials. He caught hold of the bag outside the MSSA gate but was unable to catch the youngster who stole the bag.

Chandrakant Patil
Chandrakant Patil

“I was doing my regular work when I noticed a boy quietly running away holding a bag which had a football in it. I felt that he was not the owner of the bag. As I was far and couldn’t catch the boy, I called Patil and alerted him. I am glad that he was near the gate at that time,” said Kahar.

Later, MSSA officials filed a police complaint with the Azad Maidan police station and even handed over three other suspects who were seen talking to the boy who ran away with the bag.

“I am really thankful to the groundsmen that they were able to recover the bag,” said St Xavier’s coach Xavier Pinto. 

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